Hayne Noh

Hayne is currently majoring in biology and psychology with a minor in chemistry. Her research interests largely revolve around health disparities, including the impact of socioeconomic status on health as well as the improvement of social determinants of health for the advancement of health outcomes overall. During her undergraduate years, she would like to explore in depth how a child’s health development is affected by various social risk and protective factors. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring new areas in Richmond.

Email: nohh@mymail.vcu.edu

wilkins, sawyer

Sawyer Wilkins

Sawyer is a recent VCU graduate with a major in psychology and minor in business. He is interested in understanding what factors impact stress coping mechanisms and their relative success. He is an advocate for diversity in psychological research, and is also interested in how issues of race, gender, and privilege influence professionals. Sawyer is currently preparing to apply to Industrial Organizational Ph.D. programs in the fall and seeking employment in Richmond. In his free time, he enjoys indoor rock climbing, lobbying his state government, and spending time with friends and loved ones.

Email: wilkinss@vcu.edu